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Liga MX 2022: Rumors claim Alan Pulido will return to Chivas

This would be the bomb signing of the Rebaño Sagrado for the Clausura 2022, but his relationship with the club did not end on good terms. 

Will Alan Pulido return to Chivas?
Will Alan Pulido return to Chivas?

Yesterday, social networks went crazy in Mexico, as rumors spread that Alan Pulido would return to Chivas for Liga MX 2022. And the rumor was fueled by a video that the player uploaded to his Instagram account. 

So far, there have been no statements on the matter from the Chivas board of directors or the team's coach, Michel Leaño, although all Rojiblancos fans are longing for the return of "Puligol" to the team where he was born

What makes Pulido's return to Chivas more difficult is that his relationship with the team did not end well, and his current team, Sporting Kansas City is very pleased with the striker's performances. 

The video that started the rumors

Yesterday Alan Pulido uploaded a video to his social networks showing an aerial shot of the Akron stadium, the home of Chivas.

However, some media and social network users took the photo of that image and spread it, as if the player was returning to Jalisco. 

This is the image that made Chivas fans go crazy about a possible return of the idol.

So far, the player has not commented on the matter, but the image let the imagination of the fans of the Rebaño Sagrado run wild. 

How has Pulido's relationship with Chivas been after his departure?

While the team and the fans have fond memories of the striker, the management does not look favorably at him because of the way he left the team. 

The main reason for this is that both the player and the Guadalajara team are in the middle of a legal battle that has cost Chivas millions of dollars, making it impossible for the player to sign a new contract with them. 

It all started when "Puligol" was sold to the Sporting Kansas City of the MLS. The transfer had a cost of 10 million dollars for the Wizards, and the amount was an oxygen tank for the Rojiblancos. 

At the time of the transfer, Pulido and his lawyers adhered to FIFA statutes, which indicate that a player must receive 10 percent of the total amount of his transfer.  

With this in mind, Chivas would owe Pulido US$1 million. But since the player took his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), and with this, an additional $1 million would be added for the player. 

Since the case could not be closed before the Mexican Soccer Federation, and the TAS ruled in favor of Pulido, Chivas would have to pay the striker 2 million dollars. 

What Pulido would have to earn if he were to return to Guadalajara

Currently, it is known that the MLS player earns a salary of 2.2 million dollars a year, an amount that the player would not be willing to give up to return to Chivas. 

And what makes his return more complicated is that the current owner and president of Chivas, Amaury Vergara, has stated that he does not want players who "want to get paid like at PSG".

This further closes the possibility of Pulido returning to the Rebaño Sagrado, as his followers wish.

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