(VIDEO) Should Cristiano and Georgina worry? What Cristiano Jr does in his free time in Arabia

A recent video of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr causes many opinions within Ronaldo fans.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez posing for a picture and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr smiling.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez posing for a picture and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr smiling.
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Some football fans recommend Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez look closely at what Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is doing in Saudi Arabia. A compilation video on TikTok shows Ronaldo Jr. hanging out with his friends, but some fear that it could lead the young boy into a bad path. This worry comes from the video, which includes a rap song with clips of him and his friends listening to the music and purchasing multiple phones. Others believe that there is nothing to worry about since Ronaldo Jr. is just hanging out with his friends, and there is nothing serious happening in the video.

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Ronaldo Jr plays for the Al Nassr U13 team, and they recently won the league. Ronaldo's son has a lot of free time and is enjoying his time in Saudi Arabia, which could continue for an extra year if Ronaldo does not decide to leave Al Nassr this summer. Ronaldo Jr. was the captain of the U13 team and lifted the trophy with the rest of the team. The U13 team was also acknowledged by the first team of Al Nassr, which included Cristiano Ronaldo clapping.

A funny moment in the celebration for the U13 team of Al Nassr was when Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. did not shake his father's hand. Ronaldo shook the hands of almost the entire U13 team, including his son, and he told his son to go back to shake his hands and the rest of the first-team players. This celebration was before an Al Nassr match in the Saudi Pro League that took place at the Al Awal Park.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr attends most Al Nassr games to watch his father play

While Ronaldo Jr. won the league with the U13 team, the boy had more time to watch his father play for Al Nassr's first team. The camera often pans to Ronaldo Jr's reaction to his father's goals, and he even watched Ronaldo score a hat trick. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two consecutive hattricks a couple of weeks ago.

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