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Chivas can have a top signing thanks to Guadalajara’s governor

El Rebaño is looking to strengthen their roster for next season.

Chivas will play Repechaje against Pumas UNAM.
Chivas will play Repechaje against Pumas UNAM.

Now that Chivas are preparing to face Repechaje, in a game that they will receive Pumas UNAM for a ticket to Liguilla, El Rebaño Sagrado will have a chance of proving that the recent results they’ve achieved are not by accident.

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El Rebaño Sagrado closed the regular season of Clausura 2022 with one of the best records in the last five games, as they managed to earn four straight victories, al off them with Ricardo Cadena on the dugout in what has become the best start for an interim coach for Chivas in their history.

Before him, José Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre in 2006, Efraín Flores in 2007 and Matías Almeyda in 2015, had won three straight games after taking the team during the season. He also became the first coach since 2010 on achieving four straight victories with Chivas.

Although it’s yet to be seen if he remains in El Rebaño’s dugout for the 2022-23 Liga MX season, everyone in Chivas structure and even the Guadalajara Governor knows that they need to add top players for next season if they want to keep the momentum going.

Enrique Alfaro is after a top signing for Chivas

The Guadalajara Governor, Enrique Alfaro, who is also a big Chivas fan, knows that the current good streak of El Rebaño needs to continue, which is why he wants to find a way of helping them improve the roster for next season.

According to reports from Sancadilla, Alfaro attended to a presentation that Javier “Chicharito” Hernández and LA Galaxy had in Guadalajara, where they gave a donation for a Children’s Center. During the presentation, the audience jokingly asked to “Chicharito” that he stayed in Guadalajara.

Enrique Alfaro also joked with him but took it a step over, as he said that he should stay in Chivas, something that even if it was just a joke could turn into a reality, as El Rebaño Sagrado have been looking for a top addition for a while now.

How much will Chivas have to pay for him?

His current market value is set at $2.1 million, something that Chivas can afford to pay, especially if the sell some players over the summer that haven’t contributed to the team. The problem for Chivas will be his high salary, as “Chicharito” earns $6 million per year, which is why the need an investor to pay for part of that salary and Alfaro could provide the necessary income.

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