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Chivas: If Marcelo Bielsa arrives, these are the players that will leave El Rebaño

Marcelo Bielas is an option for Chivas who are still looking for a new coach.

Marcelo Bielsa with glasses coaching Leeds United
Marcelo Bielsa with glasses coaching Leeds United

It only took four games for Ricardo Cadena to change things in Chivas, as before his arrival they were a team without ideas and didn’t have a clear plan to follow, as Marcelo Michel Leaño never knew how to establish a long-term project.

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Although Cadena took the team just until the end of the season, he has found a way to make them play associative soccer since the first day he took over the team, something that has translated into four straight victories that have him unbeaten in Liga MX so far.

But even if he managed to beat teams like Cruz Azul or Pumas, the limited experience that he has in Mexico’s top flight could prevent him from staying in El Rebaño’s dugout for Apertura 2022, although he still has Liguilla to prove Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez that he can manage a team like Chivas.

For now, Ricardo Peláez, advised by Marcelo Michel Leaño, who left the dugout but not Chivas’s structure, are pursuing the addition of Marcelo Bielsa, one of the top coaches in the world that is currently available after parting ways with Premier League side Leeds United back in February.

Bielsa will do a locker cleanout

According to reports from El Francotirador, from Diario Récord, El Rebaño Sagrado already started negotiations with “El Loco” Bielsa, although the thing that is stopping him from signing is his salary, as he earned $8 million in Leeds United.

Bielsa is willing to lower his salary at half, as he wants to return to Mexican soccer, where he already coached Atlas and Club América during the 90s, where he left the foundation of one of the best Mexican national teams in recent years, as he was responsible for the careers of players like Cuauhtémoc Blanco or Pavel Pardo.

Bielsa is known for boosting the careers of young players, which is why when he becomes Chivas coach, one of the first things he’ll do is part ways with the older players, as he feels they are blocking the way of the youngsters.

Who are the players that will leave Chivas?

The first player that will leave El Rebaño if the Argentine coach arrives is Miguel Ponce as the 33-year-old left-back is on the last part of his career, same as Jesús Molina, who just turned 34. The last player that will leave Chivas is Antonio Briseño, although he’s only 28, he’s been one of the most conflicting players in the locker room.

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