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Amaury Vergara doesn’t rule in Chivas, the new top dog will part ways with Ricardo Cadena

Chivas reached Repechaje thanks to Cadena.

Cadena might lose his job in Chivas in the next few months.
Cadena might lose his job in Chivas in the next few months.

Chivas will play in Repechaje thanks to the 12 points obtained in the last four rounds of Clausura 2022, points that helped them finish the regular season standing sixth, tied with Club América and Club Puebla.

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El Rebaño Sagrado managed to finish the season on a winning streak thanks to the arrival of Ricardo Cadena as interim coach after Amaury Vergara decided to part ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño given the poor results that he had on the 13 rounds he coached Chivas.

But not even the strong finish that El Rebaño had thanks to Cadena’s instructions will help him remain in Chivas’s dugout, as even if Amaury Vergara is satisfied with the performances of El Rebaño, he’s not the one taking decision in Chivas anymore.

El Rebaño Sagrado is looking for a new coach to take over the team once Chivas’s participation in Clausura 2022 ends. Ricardo Cadena will return to his former position coaching CD Tapatío, although the new top dog of Chivas could part ways with him in the following months.

Who is taking decisions in Chivas?

According to reports from El Francotirador, from Diario Récord, even if Marcelo Michel Leaño was sacked from his position as Chivas coach, he hasn’t left El Rebaño’s management, as for now he has a role of counselor.

But it is him the one that advised Ricardo Peláez to pursue the addition of Marcelo Bielsa, who is available since late February, when Premier League side Leeds United parted ways with him and signed Jesse Marsch with the objective of avoiding relegation.

Once the season is over, Amaury Vergara will meet with Michel Leaño to find him a new position within Chivas structure, as he is poised to be part of El Rebaño for as long as possible, and even if is not as the front man, he could return to directing the academy teams, something that has Cadena’s future in Chivas hanging by a thread.

Why Vergara maintains Michel Leaño in Chivas?

Even if the two of them have a good friendship, the real reason behind Marcelo Michel Leaño’s permanence in Chivas, according to sources, is because he and his family have recently invested in El Rebaño given the tight economic situation in which they are.

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