Mbappé even closer to Real Madrid, La Liga president words that excites all the Madrid fans

Kylian Mbappé seems closer to a move to Real Madrid after these words from the La Liga president.

Kylian Mbappé serious playing for PSG while La Liga president Javier Tebas is thinking.

La Liga president Javier Tebas made headlines when he couldn't contain his excitement about Kylian Mbappé potentially joining Real Madrid this summer. What shocks and excites Real Madrid fans is how assured Tebas is about Mbappé joining the Spanish giants as he said, "As a Real Madrid fan myself, it is a great joy to see Mbappe coming to Real Madrid." Mbappé, Real Madrid, nor PSG have yet confirmed this deal being completed, and it is expected to be announced in early June.

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Tebas goes on to defend other Real Madrid players when comparing them to Mbappé as if he were the president of Real Madrid. Tebas says, "He is one of the best players in the world. I wouldn't say the best because I'll stick with Bellingham and Vinícius. We have to be very happy, Real Madrid has known how to manage this signing despite the anxiety and impatience.”

This has caught the attention of lots of football fans, and heavy criticism has been directed toward Tebas for his opinion. It has given La Liga a bad look since the president openly admitted to supporting a club in the league while involved in an unbiased position. Mbappé's move to Real Madrid does seem closer every day as the French star has given hints about the move happening.

Diario AS reports that Mbappé will look to adapt quickly in the team by taking the striker position instead of his preferred left winger post due to Vinicius Jr's excellent form in that position. Mbappé is reportedly happy to play in the number 9 position at Real Madrid, leaving the left wing to Vinicius.

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Javier Tebas on FC Barcelona's financial situation

While Real Madrid seems closer to signing Kylian Mbappé, Tebas was asked when FC Barcelona could make a signing like that. Tebas gave a two-year time frame for the Catalan club to make a signing like that since the financial situation is slowly improving. Tebas said, "As of today, Barcelona can't face a signing like Mbappe's. They've done very well in managing their finances recently, and they are on the right track now. I think in 2 years from now, they can make signings of Mbappe's magnitude."

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