LA Galaxy player defends Lionel Messi after video suggests he rejected shirt swap

Lionel Messi was heated after the LA Galaxy vs Inter Miami game but receives criticism for apparent rejection for shirt swap.

By Emmanuel Mendez

LA Galaxy player rejects claims of Messi rejecting give his shirt to him.
LA Galaxy player rejects claims of Messi rejecting give his shirt to him.
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Lionel Messi and Inter Miami drew 1-1 to LA Galaxy in the MLS this past weekend, and the Argentine scored the late equalizer in the 92nd minute. Despite saving Inter Miami a point, Messi was furious and unhappy with the referee after the game. Late in the game, Messi was getting frustrated that the team was losing the game and time was running out. After Messi scored a brilliant goal thanks to an assist by Jordi Alba, Messi continued to complain about the referee's decisions. Messi was visibly angry after the full-time whistle.

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A video from ESPN FC's TikTok spread across social media suggesting that Messi refused to give his shirt away to an LA Galaxy player after the game. Messi is seen angry, shaking players' hands and, at the end, moving his finger and saying, "No, I won't give it to you." Many suspected Messi refused to give his shirt to LA Galaxy defender Eriq Zavaleta. Zavaleta did not play against Messi, as he sat on the bench for the game. Zavaleta came out to defend Messi.

Zavaleta responded to a fan talking about the clip attributed to Messi refusing to give him the shirt. Zavaleta said, "I never spoke to him. He was obviously angry with the referee, but agendas...” Messi actually gave the shirt to LA Galaxy attacker Diego Fagundez. Fagundez took a picture holding the shirt Messi gave him after the game, and his wife posted a picture of him and Messi during the LA Galaxy and Inter Miami game. Fagundez's wife wrote, " I can't wait to tell Mila how cool her dad is."

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Former Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin admits that Antoine Griezmann moved to Barca from Atletico because of Messi. Godin said, "I spoke with him before and after his move and understood everything. Fans who only see things passionately would find it difficult to understand him, but he had made up his mind. He had the opportunity to play with the best player in the world and he said, 'I will be a teammate of Messi.'"

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