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This is the reason behind Vela’s absence from El Tri, and it’s not Ochoa or Martino’s fault

Even though he's been involved in different scandals, the reason he's not part of El Tri is not in the soccer pitches.

Tata Martino's discipline didn't work with Vela's lifestyle.
Tata Martino's discipline didn't work with Vela's lifestyle.

After the Russian 2018 FIFA World Cup, where Mexico was eliminated on the Round of 16 by Brazil, Carlos Vela hasn’t been part of any callings to play with Mexico National Team, although he still is one of Mexico’s most talented players.

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It’s true that he’s been involved in a series of scandals and disagreements with plenty of people inside El Tri, including Gerardo “Tata” Martino after he decided to impose a disciplined structure that didn’t fit with Vela’s lifestyle.

But neither Martino or Guillermo Ochoa’s terrible relationship with the Mexican striker are the reason behind Vela’s absence from Mexico National Team, as the real reason is someone outside the pitch, and even outside the soccer world: his wife.

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What did Saioa Cañibano asked Vela in order to retire from El Tri?

Carlos Vela is known for having big displays of affection towards Saioa and his kids, as they’re usually seen travelling as a family, something that was not going to work out if LAFC’s striker kept attending El Tri calls. Saioa Cañibano asked him to spend more time with his family and he agreed, leaving behind his times with Mexico National Team.

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