Real Madrid, Barcelona and La Liga will move to USA, the earnings they could make

La Liga president hints that La Liga matches will soon be played in the United States.

The badges of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid with the background of the United States flag.

La Liga president Javier Tebas reveals that league matches will soon be played in the United States in two years' time. Tebas said, "An official match in the USA will strengthen our position in the North American market, which is the second market for La Liga after Spain. Other very competitive leagues are coming, so we cannot always do the same thing, but we cannot allow them to overtake us. We'll play official league matches abroad, probably in 2025-26." If they plan to have a few games in the US like an El Clasico match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the league could earn more than $17 million. An El Clasico match was played last summer at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

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A new Clasico-friendly match is set to happen this summer in the United States as well, but instead of Dallas, Texas, the game will take place at MetLife Stadium in New York/New Jersey on August 3rd. The stadium has a capacity of 82,500 and it will host the 2026 World Cup final in a few years. The cheapest tickets at the moment are worth $211 according to Ticketmaster.

Javier Tebas also made headlines with his comments about the lack of goal-line technology in La Liga. There was lots of controversy over the weekend in the El Clasico match at the Santiago Bernabeu, where many questioned that a ball did not cross the line in favor of FC Barcelona. Camera angles tried to determine if Barcelona had a valid goal, but due to no goal-line technology, the incident remained a mystery as to what could've been an equalizer for the Catalan club. Tebas gave his thoughts on the system's investment.

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Javier Tebas says goal-line technology is not perfect technology

Javier Tebas defended why La Liga doesn't have goal-line technology in the league by saying, "Goal-line technology? It is not perfect, that's the first reason. Also, it costs €5M - €6M over a particular season, and it comes into use only 3-4 times, unlike the VAR, which is used almost in every match. Its value is very high compared to usage.

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