At Man City they know Guardiola is not going to renovate, the City player he could take with him if he returns to Barca

Pep Guardiola has signed another failure with Manchester City and Barcelona fans are waiting for him with open arms.

Pep Guardiola during a Premier League match managing Manchester City

According to journalist Jorge Picon of Relevo, Pep Guardiola will not renew his contract beyond 2025 and there is a lot of pessimism inside Manchester City about his continuity. However, other rumors points that they are also concerned that the Spanish tactician could take Bernardo Silva with him if he decides to return to coach FC Barcelona, a club that in the past showed interest in signing the 29-year-old Portuguese player.

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Pep Guardiola has been eliminated from the UEFA Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid in the current edition of the tournament, which represents a great failure for Manchester City, as they have one of the most powerful squads in soccer today. In this sense, criticism of Guardiola has not been long in coming, because despite winning the treble last season, it must be taken into account that since he took over as City coach, the team has spent 1.51 billion euros on transfers, according to Transfermarkt data.

In that sense, the failure increases when we review that the current season is the one in which they have spent the most with a total of 259.6 million euros in transfers. That is why, as reported by the aforementioned source, Guardiola would not continue at the helm of Manchester City in 2025 and one of his strongest options would be to return to FC Barcelona, as he has stated in the past that if he is called, he would never refuse to coach the Culé team.

In addition, Guardiola's hypothetical arrival at Barcelona could bring with him Bernardo Silva, a player who has been on Barça's radar for some time and who has been an object of desire for the Blaugrana board. Given that Bernardo Silva's contract expires in 2026, it would be a good time for Manchester City to sell him in the summer of 2025, when Silva will be 30 years old. His current market value is €80 million, according to Transfermarkt.

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Guardiola's numbers with FC Barcelona

Pep Guardiola coached FC Barcelona and managed 247 games with a record of 179 wins, 47 draws and 21 defeats. In addition, the 53-year-old Spanish tactician won 14 titles including 2 Champions League titles.

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