(VIDEO) Usain Bolt chose the best players in history along with Cristiano, and he left Messi out for this reason

The legendary Olympic athlete chose Cristiano over Messi in his historical top of best soccer players

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating a goal as captain of the Portugal national team.

Usain Bolt, one of the most important Olympic athletes in history, took a stand on the eternal GOAT debate and chose Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi. The former Jamaican runner assured that his top 3 best players of all time and said that, for him, they are Pelé, Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo. When asked if he was sure he would put Cristiano above Messi he replied, "My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo."

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The reason he chose Cristiano over Messi is simple: "It's Cristiano Ronaldo". In this way, Bolt joins other athletes who believe that the Portuguese star is better than Lionel Messi, despite the fact that the Argentinean managed to lift the World Cup in Qatar 2022, while CR7 has never been able to win the most important trophy in world soccer.

In that sense, many insist on the age comparison between Messi and Cristiano. Fans of the Portuguese emphasize that at the age of 36 (current age of the Argentine star), Ronaldo was in the elite of European soccer, as he was part of Juventus where he conquered the Serie A title and was also the top scorer in Italian soccer with 29 goals in the 2020/21 campaign. While, on the other hand, Messi is in MLS although his fans argue that the captain of the Albiceleste no longer has anything to prove.

What is certain is that both have been the two most important soccer players of the last two decades, as when both were at their prime, they competed head to head in Spain's La Liga. The numbers between the two are simply impressive, as between them they have 13 Ballon d'Or awards, 9 Champions League titles and 1479 goals at club level, a figure that will surely continue to increase until the day they decide to retire. In that sense, several rumors suggest that both of them intend to reach the 2026 World Cup and then retire.

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Could they play together?

Due to the recent controversies in which Cristiano Ronaldo has been involved in Saudi Arabian soccer, rumors have arisen about the Portuguese player's possible departure from Al-Nassr in 2025. In that sense, there are those who claim that there is a possibility that CR7 could move to the MLS and that he could even sign with Inter Miami, although if that were the case, there would be more chances of him joining a team from Los Angeles. There is also the possibility of his return to European soccer with a Portuguese club, although for now these are only rumors.

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