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He went from modeling and selling perfumes to being the 9 of the Tri, he even won a title

He was a scorer and they gave him the 9 tricolor shirt, but before that he modeled and sold perfumes

She was a model, sold perfumes and played for the Mexican National Team
She was a model, sold perfumes and played for the Mexican National Team

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He went through several trades before being a soccer player and becoming a great striker. At the time he was a great player and even got to shine in the Mexican National Team due to his great talent.

Even in the Mexican National Team he had brilliant moments by winning a Gold Cup, being an important man in that title. In a club he became a legend, thanks to his great goals he even continue working in that team but now as a coach.

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We are talking about Aldo de Nigris, a soccer player who had several trades before becoming a soccer star. In an interview he confessed that before he was a model and now he is dedicated to selling fragrances with his ADN 9 brand.

What does Aldo de Nigris do now?

Aldo de Nigris is now dedicated to being an assistant to coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich in Monterrey. With the Mexican National Team he won the 2011 Gold Cup.

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