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While others are sold, he rejected an offer of 18 million dollars and wants to play for the Tri

While there are other players who have been sold to lower their level, a soccer player rejected an offer of 18 million dollars and he does want to play for El Tri

Héctor Herrera and Javier Hernández
Héctor Herrera and Javier Hernández

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Players such as Carlos Vela, Héctor Herrera and Javier Hernández decided to stopped their careers in European soccer for wanting to earn more money in the MLS, today a soccer player taught them a lesson rejecting clubs that offered him millionaire contracts.

In an interview for Franco Escamilla's YouTube channel, André Pierre Gignac stated that he had two offers that could have changed his life. Even in a talk with Roberto Gomez Junco he declared that if he could he would love to play with the Mexican National Team.

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In the interview with Franco Escamilla, Gignac revealed that a team from China made him an offer of 10 million euros, while another from the Middle East of 8 million euros, but he rejected the offers because of the love he has for Tigres, besides that in those countries it would lower its level.

Why doesn't Gignac leave the Tigers?

André Pierre Gignac's idea is to retire with the Tigres, the player has two years left on his contract with the club, the striker reached Liga MX and has fallen in love with Mexico, he even already has a Mexican passport and his children are Mexican .

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