Messi's biggest admirer? The Premier League star who felt inspired by Lionel

Lionel Messi has an admirer from the Premier League and was not afraid to show it.

A Premier League star player admits his admiration for Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi has many football fans around the world, and the Argentine is one of the greatest football players of all time. Messi's legacy will live on for many years, and many football players admire him for his amazing career. Many opposition players take pictures with Messi after the games, and it has become more seen after the Inter Miami games. One of the Premier League stars openly spoke about Messi in a great light, and he expressed his admiration for the Argentine. The Premier League star, who will become a legend for his club, will surprise many with his admiration for Messi.

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The Premier League star who spoke highly about Lionel Messi recently is Liverpool star Mohamed Salah. In an interview with ESPN Argentina, Salah was asked who his favorite Argentine player is. Salah has an Argentine teammate in Alexis Mac Allister, and he even mentioned him, but he goes on to express his love for Lionel Messi. Salah said, "My favorite Argentine player apart from Mac Allister? Messi. I love Messi. He is.. Messi is Messi, I love Messi. I love Batistuta as well. I met him once in Argentina and got his t-shirt signed, but yeah, I love Messi."

Salah has played as a right-winger like Messi throughout most of his career and has excelled in that position for Liverpool. Both are left-footed players and have been focal points for their respective teams. The two were also together in a Pepsi commercial a few years ago while Messi played in FC Barcelona and Salah was still in Liverpool. The two are football legends in their own right.

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What's next for Salah and Liverpool?

Mohamed Salah and Liverpool just defeated Sheffield United 3-1 at Anfield yesterday. Salah played 60 minutes of the match as he was subbed off. Liverpool will play against Manchester United at Old Trafford this Sunday in the Premier League.

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