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After getting Rafa Márquez fired from Barcelona FC, karma got Messi

The Argentinean international hasn't been able to play lately.

The fight transpired during a training session back in 2008.
The fight transpired during a training session back in 2008.

Back in 2008, When both Lionel Messi and Rafael Márquez were part of FC Barcelona, the ex-soccer Mexican player didn’t keep quiet and confronted Messi during a training session, who still had to learn how to be a team player and not a me player.

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Of course, back then Messi wasn’t who he is now, and even Pep Guardiola told him to shut up, as Rafa Márquez was just trying to help him become a better player, but it didn’t sit well with the Argentinean superstar, who kept arguing about what happened.

The Mexican center-back left Barcelona two years after the incident to join MLS side New York Red Bulls. Now, with Márquez retired and Messi playing for Parisian PSG, karma seemed to get Messi, as he hasn’t been able to play as he keeps testing positive for covid, and not being able to help his teammates, just as Rafa Márquez taught him.

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What transpired between Márquez and Messi?

Márquez has been open about the relationship he has with the Argentinean striker, with whom he shared dressing room for five years. They are on good terms and even chat from time to time, as neither of them holds any grudges towards the other.

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