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The harsh accusation against Javier Hernandez and Canelo Alvarez that benefits Carlos Vela

Both Chicharito Hernandez and Canelo Alvarez are accused of the same and unexpectedly the one who came out well in all this was the LAFC player Carlos Vela.

After the fight in which Canelo Alvarez won the title from Collum Smith, a great controversy broke out that included Chicharito Hernandez and Carlos Vela. Although they had nothing to do with the Canelo Alvarez fight, the Mexican public grabbed it against the boxer and Javier Hernandez for a particular reason.

The discussion started about who was better between Carlos Vela and Canelo Alvarez but quickly the comments began to pour in that Canelo Alvarez was inflated by Mexican television and that no one valued what Carlos Vela did for being in the MLS. Carlos Vela at that very moment was scoring goals against Club America for the Concachampions.

Chicharito Hernandez entered the discussion because, like Canelo, many users began to say that it was a product of Televisa and the Mexican media. What the Mexican fans pointed out was that Javier Hernandez was always defended by the media and that Canelo Alvarez never fights against the best rivals.

It is very strange what happened on social networks but there was a great discussion around this problem. The reality is that both Carlos Vela, as Chicharito Hernandez or Canelo Alvarez are great athletes who managed to take the Mexican flag to the highest. There is no point in going into a comparison to see who is better than whom.

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