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The Lebron James of soccer! Pulisic scores save Chelsea and win redemption

The USMNT international not only found the back of the net again but also won the love of his club, which baptized him as the basketball star. 

Pulisic showed up to prove that when he is needed, he can deliver the performances his team needs to compete for important titles
Pulisic showed up to prove that when he is needed, he can deliver the performances his team needs to compete for important titles

On a magical night, Christian Pulisic scored the equalizer to save Chelsea and earn redemption for his team, who did not hesitate to call him "the Lebron James of soccer".

With his goal, which tied the game 2-2 and allowed his club to remain in the hunt for first place in the Premier League, Pulisic redeemed himself in front of his fans and also showed that the crisis within the team does not affect the results

Yesterday's match was considered by many as the most important of the season for Chelsea, not only because it was against Liverpool, a giant of the league. 

But also because if the Blues lost that match, their chances of repeating the Premier League title would vanish

However, it is not yet time to celebrate as there is still a 10-point gap between first-place Manchester City and second-place Chelsea, both with 53 and 43 points respectively. 

But who can celebrate is Christian Pulisic, the USMNT international who with his goal yesterday, prevented his team from having more difficulties getting closer to first place in the competition. 

The Lebron James of soccer

There is no doubt that yesterday was a day of celebration for the Blues fans as not only are they still chasing Manchester City, but their number 10 responded when it was needed mostFor that reason, the club called him the "Lebron James of soccer"

Lebron James, the basketball player to whom he was compared, is considered one of the greatest in his sport and the obvious successor of Michael Jordan

And among his many great characteristics is to appear at important moments, as Pulisic did yesterday against Liverpool.

The 10 scored, saved Chelsea, and earned the redemption and love of his fans

On a counter-attack and in a matter of seconds, after a great pass from Kanté, the attacker controlled enormously and defined in front of the goalkeeper's exit. 

And not only did he redeem himself in front of his addition for the lack of goals, but in the same match, he had missed an important opportunity in front of the opponent's goal, in the sixth minute of the match.

Yesterday on the club's social networks, the player was named "the lebron James of soccer" in this way as recognition after having achieved a draw with a taste of victory. 

Christian Pulisic reconciled with the goal and carried his entire team

It is no secret that Chelsea is facing a complicated situation in the dressing room after Romelu Lukaku triggered controversy a few days ago

The team's new star made some statements to Sky Sports that were the probable reason why Thomas Tuchel did not field him against Liverpool, although the player had been scoring at least two games in a row in the Premier League. 

In that interview, the player said that he did not feel comfortable in the team he joined just about six months ago for a very high sum

And when everyone thought that due to his absence the game was a lost cause, Pulisic showed up to prove that when he is needed, he can deliver the performances his team needs to compete for important titles.

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