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Real Madrid: Word agreement with a Bayern Munich figure

Real Madrid are about to sign their first reinforcement for the summer pass market. There is already a verbal agreement.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid

The latest news between Real Madrid and the arrival of David Alaba, is that both have reached a verbal agreement, at the moment there is nothing official from either party. This was announced by the Spanish newspaper ABC, indicating that the player would be reaching the white team next summer.

If this news were confirmed, it would be the first announcement of great importance both at the level of the market itself and for Real Madrid. In addition, several teams in Europe would see part of their transfer strategy fall as David Alaba is followed by several of the largest teams in the old continent.

David Alaba

David Alaba ends his contract with Bayern Munich next summer, after the German team could not convince while playing that he would remain in their ranks. In this way, the Austrian will get free to the team that makes the best proposal and that seems to be the White House. He won everything a player could win with a club and more than once in his 11-year career with Bayern. Now everything points to Real Madrid reaching an agreement with the Austrian to sign next summer.

The details as reported by the newspaper ABC would be a bonus of 20 million to the his agent (Pini Zahavi) the player's father (George Alaba) and David Alaba himself considering that he arrives as a free agent. In addition, Real Madrid is offering him a four-year contract with a salary of 10 million euros per season.

A strong bet for Real Madrid´s economy

With this, Real Madrid would be investing 60 million euros in one of the best defenders in recent years. In addition, with this salary, Alaba would become one of the best paid not only in the Merengue team but in Spain. However, the race to sign the Austrian player still continues and according to Sky Sports newspaper, PSG would be willing to pay a salary of 15 million euros for the same four seasons. With an offer like this, Real Madrid could be out of a career to sign the player, since the team's finances are not quite right.

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