How does Barcelona squad wages compare to Real Madrid's wages?

Real Madrid is the highest paying club in Spain follow by Barcelona, despite financial difficulties and the departure of Lionel Messi Barcelona still have a lot on their payroll.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the greatest soccer rivals and giants of the Spanish La Liga and with this comes big players with big wages. Barcelona has a total number of 29 players registered for the 2021/2022 season while Real Madrid has 25. 

In Real Madrid it is ironic that the player earning the highest is underperformed Gareth Bale who earn an Annual Gross Salary of €28,130,000, or €540,962 per week.

The Highest Paid Player at FC Barcelona is Sergio Busquets (Defensive Midfield) with an Annual Gross Salary of €22,000,000, or €423,077 per week. Barcelona weekly payroll is €4,240,769 while the club have a yearly payroll of €220,520,000. The wages of the young players are not really know but an average player at Barcelona earn €157,066 weekly and €8,167,407 yearly.

Real Madrid is also a big bag club and one of the highest paying club in Spain. Madrid weekly payroll is €5,837,692 way more than that of Barcelona, while the yearly payroll is 

€303,560,000. An average player in Real Madrid earn €233,508 per week and a €12,142,400 yearly. After the departure of Lionel Messi Barcelona wages have reduced drastically and it shows in their payroll.

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