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"El Clásico" Real Madrid vs Barcelona: who leads this rivalry

Two European teams face each other once a year in “El Clásico” to prove who the best is, but does one of them really outshine the other?

"El Clásico" Real Madrid vs Barcelona: who leads this rivalry

Soccer fans around the world appreciate and enjoy watching matches where the expertise of the players is evident and there is no better show of good soccer than “El Clásico”. When Real Madrid faces Barcelona on the field, the world seems to stop. It is among the most viewed sporting events and all eyes are set on this rivalry that goes way back and raises strong emotions. Find the latest news about the 13-time Champions League champions.

How did this rivalry begin?

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid actually has quite a serious backstory that touches the very heart and beliefs of Spaniards. 

Lionel Messi celebrates a goal by showing his jersey to Real Madrid fans

As it turns out, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two largest cities in Spain and have completely opposing political views. While Real Madrid is often associated with Spanish nationalism, Barcelona has a more Catalan nationalist stance on the matter. But despite the fact that this rivalry is deeply rooted in Spanish political history and culture, nowadays “El Clásico” has a global fanbase.

What are the stats?

Both teams elevate soccer to its greatest level, which means that they are head to head in terms of trophies. In total, they have won 90 titles each. 

Real Madrid has won 64 national trophies and 26 international trophies.

On the other hand, Barcelona has 73 national trophies and 17 national trophies. Learn more about FC Barcelona.

The numbers show that, in terms of international trophies, Barcelona seems to be the better team.

Now, if we are talking about “El Clásico” wins, both teams are close, but one stands out. Real Madrid has won 97 matches, while Barcelona has won 96, which makes the “Merengues” excel over the “Azulgranas”. However, the difference is so small, it could change any minute. In fact, both teams are scheduled to face each other on the 24th of October.

The stars of El Clásico

Of course, what makes these Spanish teams so entertaining and proficient are their players. In the 2010’s mainly, there were two international superstars that have made El Clásico all the more exciting: Lionel Messi in Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his 5th UEFA Champions League, 4th with Real Madrid

The Argentinian has scored 26 goals in El Clásico, while the Portuguese has scored 18. 

If we were to compare them according to who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards, Messi is at the top, with 6 awards, but Ronaldo is not far behind; he has won 5 so far. 

In both teams, we find the greatest players in the world and, although passions might swing fans in favor of one team or another, no matter who wins, both teams will put on a show to entertain their followers all over the world.

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