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Used cars for sale by Real Madrid players: how much do they cost?

The German company decided to make a drastic decision with the vehicles. 


It's news that all fans of Real Madrid and sports cars will like: the German company that sponsors the Spanish club decided to put on sale the vehicles used by the players of the first team throughout 2020. Yes, as you read: If you are about to buy a car, you could buy the one used by Karim Benzemá or Marcelo or why not Federico Valverde's, all with few kilometers of use and financed.

Marcelo and his Audi. Photo: Real Madrid.

As for SUV vehicles, Militao drove a Q7 Black Line 50 TDI with 286 hp that has the Eco environmental badge. The player used it for 13,404 kilometers and it can be purchased for 76,398 euros (financed is a little cheaper. The striking thing is that Audi has made a flat rate for this model, so the Q7 in gray and also with Rodrigo's 50 TDI engine (12,950 km), Mariano's black model (27,808 km), Isco's dark gray (15,047 km ) cost exactly the same.

More expensive are the Q8, also in version 50 TDI quattro tiptronic of 286 CV. In this sense, you can choose the metallic blue with which Nacho traveled to Valdebebas, which he did 21,753 km and that costs 83,395 euros (again, financed it comes out for a little less: 79,895 euros). That is, 38% more than if you buy it new at the dealer.

If you are looking for an A7 Sportback, you can choose Marcelo's (in black and with only 6,567 km), the black that was from Odriozola (20,519 km), the silver that Marco Asensio enjoyed (11,279 km) or the also black assigned Vinicius (13,658 km). Again all of them use a 50 TDI quattro 286 hp engine and the price is in all cases 70,400 euros (66,900 financed).

To conclude, Raphael Varane is a very particular case since last year he requested an Audi e-tron, a 100% electric model with 408 hp which has covered 7,956 km in 12 months and which has been priced at 87,360 euros (28% less than again; it is the one that has been devalued the least).

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