Kylian Mbappé

He is not Lionel Messi, he is not Sergio Agüero: the $210 million star with which PSG wants to replace Mbappé

The French club is looking for new options given they seem to be resigned to lose Kylian Mbappé,
domingo, 21 de febrero de 2021 · 22:00

French striker Kylian Mbappé has become one of the biggest names in football in 2021. He was clearly an established star already, but his recent hat-trick performance against Barcelona boosted him that much more. Now, PSG knows that it will have to sell him very soon if it does not want to lose it for nothing in June 2022, when its contract expires. Renewing him is not an easy negotiation.

That is why PSG must define two main issues: they must first obtain a suitable transfer price and a replacement. The first step is already taken. The club has stated they will ask €200 million to whoever wants to buy the 22-year-old star. According to estimated exchange rates, we are talking about around $242 million. Still some $20 million less than the highest transfer ever, paid by PSG to Barcelona for Neymar in 2017.

'Are you replacing me?', laughs Mbappé.

Now, as per replacements, PSG must have a look at their scouting books and decide what kind of striker will they look for. After all, nobody has the pace and acceleration Mbappé has, but there can be some good options. They have allegedly picked a large striker who could cost $210 million according to the price Mirror reported his club will ask for.

We are talking about Tottenham Hotspur’s striker Harry Kane. The 27-year-old would be the man they can go for in summer’s transfer market. PSG currently has Mbappé, Moise Kean, Mauro Icardi, who could move back to Italy and Edinson Cavani, whose contract runs out in June and is reported to have offers from different clubs. In this season he has 16 goals and 13 assists in the 29 games he played.

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