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Javier Hernández won’t play with Mexico National Team, but Gerardo Martino is willing to accept Carlos Vela

He has two conditions for his return to El Tri.

Vela hasn’t played with El Tri since 2018.
Vela hasn’t played with El Tri since 2018.

Gerardo “Tata” Martino knows that Mexico National Team won’t be able to compete against Poland and Argentina in the 2022 FIFA World Cup with the level that El Tri showed during the CONCACAF Qualifiers, as there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

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The only thing that Martino managed to get right during the Qualifiers was the defensive side, as he discovered that the key to success was to have a young defense with experience both in Liga MX and Europe.

When Gerardo Arteaga, César Montes, Johan Vásquez and Jorge Sánchez were on the pitch, El Tri didn’t have a single problem defending, something that didn’t happen when Héctor Moreno and Néstor Araujo were the starters, as they were involved in multiple mistakes.

But form the midfield up, Martino still has a lot of doubts, as the starting strikers weren’t able to score a single goal when the three of them were on the pitch, while Héctor Herrera and Andrés Guardado haven’t played at a high level while wearing El Tri colors.

Carlos Vela with the opportunity to return

Mexican followers and journalists have been asking for the return of Carlos Vela and Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, as they currently are the Mexican strikers with the best active streak, something that manifested last weekend, when they played in “El Tráfico”, the LA derby.

After months of silence, Martino finally spoke about the absence of “Chicharito”, as he said that he hasn’t watched him and his absence in El Tri’s roster has to do only with sports reasons, as he doesn’t se a fit for him in the current roster.

But with Carlos Vela, the situation is different, as he knows that the Mexican national team could use a player with his conditions, but in order for him to return, he will have to put his ego aside, as Martino will ask for two things to have him wear El Tri colors again.

What will Martino ask him to do?

The first thing that Martino will request to Carlos Vela is that he’d be part of all the Mextour games that El Tri will play in the United States, something that Vela has refused to do in the past. The second one will be to play at the same level that he plays with LAFC if he wants to be considered for Qatar 2022, as the players of his caliber usually use those games as if it was a training session.

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