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He’s the new “Chucky” Lozano but Martino ignores him even if he’s playing in Europe

El Tri is still looking for a striker that can score.

Martino hasn’t decided all the players that will be in Qatar.
Martino hasn’t decided all the players that will be in Qatar.

Gerardo “Tata” Martino is aware that the Mexican national team will have to improve their performances if they want to compete in the World Cup, because if they play at the same level they did during the CONCACAF Qualifiers, they won’t stand a chance against Poland and Argentina.

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During the last FIFA match window, Martino understood that a generational change was needed in El Tri, as players like Luis “Chaka” Rodríguez, who wasn’t called up to the games, or Jesús Gallardo, who was replaced in the starting XI, as they couldn’t help the Aztec squad anymore.

That’s why he decided to call up player like Israel Reyes, a 21-year-old defender from Club Puebla, and Carlos Acevedo, the 25-year-old goalkeeper from Santos Laguna, to be part of the roster, and even if they had to watch the games from the bench, they’re already being considered for future games.

El Tri will face Guatemala on April 27, on a game that Martino will use to try out younger players that aren’t usually considered on the main roster, as he still has doubts about some of the players that might not arrive to Qatar, although he’s refusing to call a player that is already playing in Europe, although he doesn’t have the reflectors that another player.

The new “Chucky” Lozano is still waiting for his opportunity

Even if Martino is willing to start the generational change for this World Cup, he’s refusing to fully change the squad, which is why he has called only a few players without the experience he usually likes them to have.

That’s why he hasn’t called players like Alejandro Alvarado, Nico Carrera or most recently Bryan Lozano, who decided to follow his brother’s steps and try his luck in Europe, as he recently decided to leave Mexican soccer to tryout with Turkish side Galatasaray.

According to ESPN, the 25-year-old right winger will be training for a month with the Avrupa Fatihi, a place where he can finally find the stability he didn’t had in Mexican soccer, although he has other offers from other European leagues if they don’t decide to hire him.

What other teams are looking to sign him?

During the interview for ESPN, Lozano said that there’s two more Turkish teams interested in him and that he will be trying out with them if Galatasaray doesn’t give him an answer soon, although he’s also gathered interest from a couple of German clubs.

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