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The defeat of Chivas against Mazatlán, why does Chivas keep failing

Chivas is in terrible form and the future of the team looks uncertain.

Chivas got a red card that essentially threw their match away.
Chivas got a red card that essentially threw their match away.

Chivas' situation is unsustainable. Guadalajara fought, had good intentions, but a series of lack of concentration, such as the expulsion of González, led to another defeat in the Apertura 2022, making it their seventh match without a win in the semester, worsening their crisis.

Mazatlán advanced their lines and began to contain the onslaught from Guadalajara, and gradually began to generate more and more danger, mainly through individual plays by Nicolás Benedetti and even with sparks from Marco Fabián, in which the Colombian put Miguel Jiménez in trouble, who managed to deflect the ball with great difficulty.

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In the second half, Ricardo Cadena tried to move forward with the introduction of Roberto Alvarado and Carlos Cisneros, but they could do little to create danger for the local goal.

The outlook for the team from Guadalajara became more complicated when Fernando González was sent off with an unbelievable sweep with both feet, knocking down a purple player, and the referee showed him the second yellow card to send him prematurely to the locker room.

With the momentum in their favor, Mazatlán found the play that broke the tie when a service from the left flank was finished off by Emilio Sánchez, who had been the target of controversy a few minutes earlier for a foul on Fernando Beltrán and should have been sent off.

A penalty for Chivas momentarily tied the match

The refereeing was the target of criticism due to a play in which Pável Pérez went into the area and fell after an alleged foul, which was reviewed by the VAR and the decision was confirmed, although it appeared to be a dive by the red-and-white player. Zaldívar was in charge of taking the penalty, but it was saved by Vikonis; however, the counterattack was decisive to even the score.

In the final minutes, another foul was committed on the edge of the red and white area, where Mazatlán capitalized with a set piece, as Benedetti made a feint and gave the ball to Oswaldo Alanís, who shot powerfully to send the ball into the back of the net.

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