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Chivas vs Monterrey: Víctor Manuel Vucetich's strategy to get revenge on Leaño

In a match that is expected to be very intense, "Vuce" will be looking to get even with the Rebaño Sagrado. 

Who will win in this duel of strategists?
Who will win in this duel of strategists?

The Chivas vs Monterrey match pending in Round 12 of the Liga MX 2022 will be a scenario to see Víctor Manuel Vucetich's strategy to get revenge on Leaño.

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It is worth remembering that "Vuce" spent more time on the bench of the Rebaño Sagrado and left through the back door, due to an alleged "betrayal" by Marcelo Michel Leaño, who stayed on as interim coach. 

And after the dismissal of the so-called "Rey Midas" of Mexican soccer, Leaño established himself as head coach of the Rojiblancos and remains there to this day, where, as happened with "Vuce", many fans of Club Deportivo Guadalajara are already beginning to call for his head. 

Predicted line-ups for the match

Chivas: Raúl Gudiño, Isaac Brizuela, Hiram Mier, Luis Olivas, Miguel Ponce, Sergio Flores, Fernando Beltrán, Sebastián Pérez Bouquet, Roberto Alvarado, José Juán Macías, Alexis Vega.

Monterrey: Esteban Andrada, Stefan Medina, Sebastián Vegas, Héctor Moreno, Érick Aguirre, Luis Romo, Celso Ortiz, Maximiliano Meza, Arturo "ponchito" González, Jesús Gallardo and Vincent Janssen.

This will be Víctor Manuel Vucetich's strategy to take revenge on Leaño

The "King Midas" of Mexican soccer will surely bet on variety in his attacks due to the 4-4-2 that he has always used, to have a strengthened midfield, with two forwards and two defenders. 

In addition, the tactician will be able to use against Chivas something that became his trademark when he was the Rayados' coach in his first stage: long runs, which will allow him to advance lines.

And another resource that he could take advantage of with Monterrey and that under Javier "Vasco" Aguirre the team did not use was the club's devastating counterattacks, which were first implemented by Antonio "El Turco" Mohamed

Leaño will try to stop Rayados in this way

After reviewing Víctor Manuel Vucetich's style of play, it is now time to review Marcelo Michel Leaño's style of play, with which he will try to stop Rayados de Monterrey.

Michel Leaño's system at Chivas is based on a 4-3-3 system, in which the midfielders have much more forward projection, as he trusts that the last line of players will be able to stop the opponent's attacks.

The objective of the Rebaño Sagrado's 4-3-3 is to constantly form triangles along the pitch to carry the ball forward and have a man free at all times. 

In addition, he seeks to defend in wide spaces and attack in short spaces, although so far there is one issue that Chivas fans have complained to the coach: not having a center forward

Michel Leaño has defended himself against this claim by saying that this way his team can get more openings in the opponent's area, since the defenders will not focus on a single attacker and, on the contrary, they will have to distribute themselves throughout their territory. 

What should be remembered for this match is that the coaches will not be able to face each other directly on the field, as Marcelo Michel Leaño was sent off in the match against Toluca and will have to coach from the stands, so a strategy duel is guaranteed.  

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