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Who are the players that Brazilian authorities claim to sanction?

The authorities detected 4 cases of players who violated health protocols due to COVID-19, so the ‘albiceleste’ also already decided to withdraw from the South American classic.

Argentina vs Brazil
Argentina vs Brazil

Brazilian authorities stormed the Corinthians Arena this Sunday in the match between Brazil and Argentina to try to withdraw four members of the Argentine national team who ‘allegedly‘ broke the health protocols established by the local government against COVID-19.

Five minutes into the match corresponding to the Conmebol qualifiers heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, officials entered the field to try to take four Argentine players from the Premier League from England. Brazil's health agency had also instructed the four players to return to the "country of origin" without giving further details.

Aston Villa players, Emiliano Martínez and Emiliano Buendía, and Tottenham duo Giovanni Lo Celso and Cristian Romero, came to play for Argentina despite the Premier League not wanting the players to be released for international service due to the need to be quarantined for 10 days in a hotel on your return.

Who are the 4 players for whom the Brazilian authorities suspended the match?

The players for whom the Brazilian authorities suspended the match are those from the English Premier League. They are Emiliano Buendía and Emiliano Martínez, from Aston Villa and Cristian Romero and Giovanni Lo Celso from Tottenham.

Who made the decision to leave the court?

The Argentina National Team was already decided in the previous one to do so if they did not let some teammates play and, when the issue arose on the court, they already had that position taken. Even Scaloni later explained that a Conmebol delegate suggested that they leave to prevent the incidents from escalating. So the squad itself, also pushed by that delegate, decided to leave the court. From Luque came an immediate call for the Argentines, visitors, to go quickly to the changing rooms to prevent problems from increasing.

Why were the players questioned able to enter the country?

It is the million dollar question. If the four involved were not authorized, why did they go through Migrations? It was charged that the affidavit did not state that they had passed through England in the previous 14 days; a statement generally made not by the players but by delegates. Likewise, by protocol Conmebol should have been able to enter and be in Brazil without problems, as happened in the Copa América.

Who is the primary responsible for this embarrassment?

The local federation, in this case the CBF, is the one with full responsibility for the organization of sporting events. In this case, it is the one that allowed Anvisa to enter zone 1, where not just anyone arrives, and they had to comply with protocols, such as PCR.

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