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What is the lifestyle that Cristiano Ronaldo leads that allows him to stay current in his team and National Team?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fittest footballers on the planet. He adheres to a structured exercise, feeding and sleeping pattern. See the secrets that make Cristiano Ronaldo stay in shape at all times.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most loved and respected footballers in the history of football. He is also one of the most disciplined and physically fit players in the sports. For a sportsman, you'd expect him to be fit but Ronaldo takes him to the next level, as he does with everything. At 36, the Manchester United forward still regularly completes 90 minutes of football twice a week, accompanied by training sessions and hundreds of sprints per week. 

When Paris Saint-Germain wanted to sign Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, a check was done on his body and it was discovered that his body condition was as though he was 21. If a similar check was to be done on Cristiano Ronaldo, one would find similar or even better. The former Real Madrid player as on countless occasions revealed that he doesn't play with his physical condition and he revealed the many things he does to stay in shape. We'll look at the tips to staying healthy and fit like him. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is an elite sportsman with the body of one. Chiselled abs, lithe legs, strong arms, and a superior sprint and jump power make him something of a specimen. He has achieved this through a strict regimen of exercise and work-out. 

According to the Portugal captain, the first thing he does to start his workout routine is warm-ups. Ronaldo revealed that before any workout session, he does a few laps of the pitch, some stretching, and some cardio exercises. He noted that these warm-up exercises reduce the risk of injuries. 

Afterwards, Ronaldo proceeds to the gym where he does predominantly cardiovascular exercises. He splits his gym work-out between running, rowing and lifting some weights. The 5-time Ballon d'Or winner encourages people to do a variety of cardiovascular exercises to target all areas of the body and improve stamina and strength. 

Cristiano Ronaldo also does a lot of sprinting drills on the pitch in a simulation of real-life match situations. He is one of the fastest players within the first 30m and this is down to his sprint exercises. Ronaldo also advises that exercises should become a part of life as he does it almost everywhere and every time.

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