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Cristiano can't take him anymore: the footballer that Ronaldo doesn't want anymore at United

Manchester United is not having a good time. Before that, the problems between Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates begin to fall.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

To the bad climate that Manchester United is experiencing due to the operation of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team after Liverpool's 5-0 win, we must add one more internal problem and that has Cristiano Ronaldo as the main protagonist. The Portuguese star is upset by how the team is playing, by the results and by some decisions by Solskjaer throughout the games. However, now the anger also has as an added, the bad relationship with Mason Greenwood.

The 20 years old forward has taken on an unexpected relevance with Solskjaer and has become an immovable piece for the Norwegian. Greenwood has won over Sancho, Cavani and Rashford, among others. But the reality is that Cristiano Ronaldo can't take it anymore.

According to the Mirror, Cristiano and Greenwood have had more than one friction in the locker room because the young Englishman does not pass the ball to the Portuguese and in almost all the plays he kicks to the middle distance goal. The aforementioned British media assures that Ronaldo had several conversations with Greenwood to improve that and make him understand that many times, he is free to pass.

The truth is, those warnings have not worked and whenever he can, Greenwood takes shots from medium range. "Ronaldo does not understand why he starts, like Van de Beek", remarks Mirror. The truth is that Ronaldo is annoying and outraged by the results. The last days of Solskjaer seem to be approaching.

Mason Greenwood

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