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Premier League star confessed he saw an alien

A renowned player surprised with his statements. 


Gareth Bale never goes unnoticed even on the court due to his talent playing for Real Madrid or Tottenham, where he's on loan, or out of it, where he is seen with little desire to train and with a lot to play golf. This time he's in the news for an unusual interview with his teammate Joe Rondon on the Spurs YouTube channel. 

Gareth Bale

Bale's favorite topic during the conversation was that of aliens, whether or not they really exist. A question that Bale asked Rondon that he is not very clear about exist. "Do you believe in aliens? Whoosh!", Bale asked him. "We have discussed a lot about this...", continued Rondon who chose a middle point to Bale's surprise that he's very clear that they exist.

"Obviously there're many conspiracy theories and there are UFO images that have been published by the United States government. It isn't false. They've been published by the government", said Bale who ended up confessing that "I know that some UFOs are probably secret things. of governments. But actually I saw one once".

Gareth Bale confessed that he would dress up as "Alan from 'The Hangover' at a Halloween party" and that as a child he had to dress up as a tree for a play. Bale said that he would go back to the past, specifically, he would go back to "the moment when the Earth was created. That way I would know the truth”, he confessed.

The interview where Gareth Bale confesses that he saw an alien 

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