Why Man United and Spurs will cheer on rivals Man City and Arsenal in the UCL

UEFA officially confirmed that next season's Champions League tournament will be different.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Even though they are rivals, Man United and Spurs will hope Man City and Arsenal do well in the Champions League.
Even though they are rivals, Man United and Spurs will hope Man City and Arsenal do well in the Champions League.
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The UEFA Champions League is the biggest European club competition that many of the big clubs desire to win every season. The Champions League competition has included 32 clubs for a long time but next season it will look very different. Instead of eight groups of four, the tournament will have 36 teams without a group stage. Instead, the format will be in a 'Swiss League' format where the top 8 teams will advance to the next round. Position 9-24 will play in a playoff round to determine the other 8 for the round of 16. Positions 25-36 will be eliminated from Europe entirely.

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The new format has received backlash from fans, with comments suggesting it is basically helping the big clubs advance. Other comments suggest that this is the unofficial Super League since the extra four spots will include teams not arriving from sporting merit. Two of the four extra spots will go to the best performing leagues this year in the Champions league. The two best-performing leagues will get an extra spot in the Champions League. La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and the Premier League normally have four spots for Champions league.

In the Europe coefficient, Italy and Germany are the two best-ranked countries due to the teams participating in Europe. England is third right now and will not be getting the fifth spot for Champions League next seasons if the season were to end now. The only two teams from England in the Champions League are Manchester City and Arsenal. These two teams will need to advance further in the competition if the Premier League wants that fifth spot for Champions League qualification.

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Manchester United and Spurs are around the fifth position in the Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur are currently fifth in the Premier League with 50 points. Man United is 6th with 44 points. If Man City and Arsenal advance further in the Champions League, the 5th position in the Premier League could be an automatic spot for the Champions League next season. Both Man United and Spurs will battle for the fifth spot in case Man City and Arsenal give England the extra spot.

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