He won 4 Champions Leagues with Real Madrid, now he could leave the club

This youth player has been a key player for Real Madrid despite not always starting

By William Estrella

He won 4 Champions Leagues with Real Madrid, now he could leave the club
He won 4 Champions Leagues with Real Madrid, now he could leave the club
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Lucas Vazquez is one of those players that you would always like to have in the squad, because, although he is rarely the undisputed starter, the reality is that he always ends up having enough minutes and usually completes great games. Now, rumors have emerged about his possible departure, and his words after the game against Sevilla gave something to talk about.

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First, Lucas was questioned on the VAR: "Many moments in matches are difficult with VAR. There is little clarity, he re-refers plays that are not necessary. Far from eliminating controversy, it creates more of it. It is a good tool but it must be used well and the referees must have their responsibility in the game. There are basic things for referees to continue having their role. It would be good for Spanish football and its refereeing, which has a high level, but with the VAR it is being lowered. There is no base criterion"

Then, Lucas was asked about Modric: "It was an important match, with a lot of intensity, difficult due to the continuous stops that there have been. We have celebrated it with a lot of anger. Luka had not scored a goal for a long time and it is very important for him. I am very happy for Luka, there is a lot of talk about him but he is a star, a Ballon d'Or winner who deserves everything good. He is not having a good time but he is as professional as a pine tree, always ready to help. We celebrated with a lot of anger because we really wanted to win."

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Lucas' words about Sergio Ramos and his contract:

Sergio has been a player who has made history at Real Madrid and he deserves everything good that happens to him... I am fine, calm and happy, with confidence. We will wait and see. Real Madrid is my home, the club of my life

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