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Ronaldinho net worth: how much money does he have and what did he spend his fortune on

The Brazilian legend was one of the soccer players who earned more money during the 2000s and this is how much he has today.

Ronaldinho net worth: the fortune that the Brazilian has..
Ronaldinho net worth: the fortune that the Brazilian has..

Ronaldinho appeared in soccer world during 1998. It was the year in which he made his professional debut at Gremio, his former club. Three years later, he jumped to Europe, where Paris Saint-Germain signed him for $5 million. Then, his career continued at FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, Querétaro and Fluminense.

On January 2018, Dinho finally decided to announce his retirement, after three years since his last game, with Fluminense. The offensive midfielder was one of the most iconic players from the 2000s and people loved to see him playing, as he transmitted joy and felicity. A career marked for some impressive skill and, also many undisciplined acts.

Ronaldinho made fortunes, counting the money he gained from the contracts signed with each club, the transfers completed from one club to another and the sponsorships. Just in transfer, he moved more than $60 million, considering that he earned a commission from that movements. The net worth of the Brazilian reached the $150 million.

But after retirement some things didn’t go as expected. The idol started to have some problems, went to prison, faced liens and other financial problems, with which he lost a lot of millions. Nowadays, specialists reports that he is still a millionaire, but that his net worth has decrease at least $20 million, since what he had on his golden times as a pro-player.

The new businesses of Dinho

After his retirement, Ronaldinho launched all type of businesses, just a few linked to soccer world. He continued his sponsorships with important brands, as Nike or Coca-Cola, and he opened others, as the musical studio he recently announced, or some alcoholic drinks he is producing under his name. He also counts on many properties all over the world.

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