The unbeatable goal is from Toluca

Hernan Cristante arrived in Mexico on February 10, 1994 and he did it to stay. To capture his figure and talent in the framework of the Red Devils of Toluca and leave a mark, deep, indelible, superb

Hernan Cristante
Hernan Cristante

Hernán Cristante simply became the best in Toluca: in more than 10 years he achieved four League tournaments, two Champion of Champions and a CONCACAF Champion of Champions cup, and as if that were not enough, he achieved the 772-minute mark without conceding a goal.

With his unbeatable goalkeeper stamp, Cristante could not broaden his record. Edgar Castillo stopped him at minute 26 when he managed to score a goal in the goal of "Diablo Mayor"; but the 772 will remain in the history of Mexican Soccer.

Cristante managed to beat the mark, owned by Alan Cruz. The former Tecos goalkeeper, who achieved the feat of accumulating 736 minutes in the 93-94 Season, but Cristante with that arrogance that allows him to have his job, managed to defeat her in the first leg of the Quarterfinals held last Thursday in The Corona Stadium The count began to increase, after the 81st minute and when Paul Delgadillo gave the opening whistle in the second leg of the Quarterfinals.

The watch took its course, Cristante was very close to setting the mark on an unreachable record; Santos had no depth and the Mexican defense in his security role made the work easier for the fine goalkeeper of the Diablos, but Castillo arrived to spoil the moment for Hernán.

Hernán Cristante: What was his record?

His record was 772 minutes, which refers to more than eight games with a score of zero in his favor. Hernán made history, nailed his name where only the greats can do it, he immortalized himself thanks to his mark of 772 minutes without receiving goal, but above all, thanks to his mettle, and unparalleled talent.

Hernán Cristante: His best saves in Toluca

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