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No one is saved: What are the rules that Xavi Hernández will implement at Barcelona?

Yesterday was Xavi's presentation as Barcelona's first coach, a presentation attended by many people with the desire to hear first-hand what the new coach wanted to say to cheer up a certainly sunken fans.

Xavi Hernández
Xavi Hernández

Throughout the press conference and the words after his presentation, he made it quite clear that there are certain aspects of the game such as pressure after loss, positional play, the amplitude of the players when attacking. That have to be improved as soon as possible, however he clarified that there is an aspect that he will begin to deal with from the first day he meets with all the players: the rules.

One of the reasons why all of Pep Guardiola's teams work perfectly is because his players wake up thinking about football and go to bed thinking about football, following a series of rules that everyone must comply with if they want to play for the team. These series of rules are not easy, especially for young players who are in the prime of their lives, since the vast majority of them are related to food, bedtime, time to get up, food rationing.

As typical as they may seem, getting all players on the squad to abide by these set of rules should be essential as a basis for later implementing a style of play with which everyone feels represented.

To play for Barcelona you have to feel the colors, you have to be totally focused and convinced that victory is the only possible result, and above all you have to know how to give up a multitude of things. Xavi has come to make things clear, and he is very clear that he is going to implement his football in this team, from the imposition of his rules to the creation of his own style.

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