Efrain Alvarez would give the worst news to Gerardo Martino and concern grows in the Mexican team

The LA Galaxy player would have the decision made on whether to represent USMNT or Mexico and the main culprit is Gerardo Martino
viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020 · 11:24

Efrain Alvarez is one of the Mexican players who have the possibility to change his nationality and play for USMNT. Until now, the LA Galaxy player had been enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being part of the Mexican team but in the last few hours things seem to have changed and now Efrain Alvarez could play for the USMNT.

Although the possible decision of Efrain Alvarez is surprising, he would not be the first to play for Mexico in the youth divisions and then change for USMNT. Gerardo Martino has not yet summoned him to the Mexico senior team and that is why Berhalter would make a great move by summoning him to the next USMNT Camp that will take place in December.

According to Manuel Vaquero, a journalist specialized in MLS, Efrain Alvarez could be part of the next USMNT call. Berhalter seeks to strike the blow and stay with one of the greatest promises in MLS today. Efrain Alvarez is only 18 years old and showed a great level in the LA Galaxy despite the failure of his team.

The LA Galaxy has two players who could play for the Mexican national team but who could choose the USMNT if Gerardo Martino doesn't hurry. One of them is Efrain Alvarez and the other Julian Araujo. The appearance of these two gems and the potential choice to play for USMNT demonstrates the tremendous growth of soccer in the United States.