Problems in Real Madrid: The maximum figure of the team in fight with Florentino Pérez

The Brazilian forward offered an interview in which he spoke of his contract, which the Spanish press indicates would suffer a substantial increase in salary. Vinicius assured that he is clear that he is interested in renewing.

Vinicius Jr
Vinicius Jr

The Vinicius Junior boom at Real Madrid has only just begun. His nine goals this season, only behind Benzema, have led to the talk in the Spanish press of a ‘galactic’ renewal that Florentino Pérez would be enlisting, with a large salary increase. However, Vinicius himself has come to the attention of this information and has said that he does not care what he will charge in case of renewal.

“They haven't told me anything, but I'm very calm because there is still a lot of time left. Of course I want to renew, of course I want to stay here for a long time, but I'm very calm with that, all at the right time, ”said the Brazilian.

“The contract I still have is the one from when I was 16 years old. It does not matter when I am going to renew, how much I am going to charge or how much I charge, what matters is the satisfaction of being in the best team in the world”, he added.

According to information advanced by the Spanish newspaper 'Marca', the moment of Vinicius has 'forced' Florentino Pérez to improve the salary of the attacker, who currently charges around 3.5 million euros gross per season and has all the ballots to approach or even exceed the bar of 10 million gross per year for the next renewal.

Currently, the Brazilian is 'armored' with a clause of 700 million euros, and it is not ruled out that this figure will skyrocket, especially because in Madrid they believe that 'Vini' has already multiplied by three or even four the 45 kilos that cost.

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