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The technological luxury that Lionel Messi implemented in one of his hotels and is a sensation in Europe

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The technological luxury that Lionel Messi implemented in one of his hotels and is a sensation in Europe

As a result of the millions of dollars that he has generated from his football, Lionel Messi has several investments in various areas, which are not necessarily linked to the world of baseball, and among them, two first-rate hotels stand out: one in Mallorca and another in Ibiza.

These two facilities belong to the MIM Hotels (Majestic and Messi Hotels) hotel chain, managed since 2017 by Majestic Hotel Group, which seeks to provide an excellent service to its guests, who can now also enjoy a unique experience when they want to refresh themselves in the swimming pools on the premises.

It is that the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed the operations of hotels around the world, but Messi took advantage of this time to refine both buildings and give them a touch of distinction, as he usually grants on the field of play. The most outstanding renovation of his hotels is that their pools will have a constellation effect, that is, thanks to special lights, whoever observes the water at night will feel that they are actually looking at a starry sky.

But not only that, but those who dive into the waters of the MIM Ibiza pool will be able to enjoy the music of a DJ underwater, thanks to the installation of a new technology that allows them to hear sounds underwater. "In water, sound travels much faster than in air, so you hear it not only with your ears, but also through your bones," explained Joel Cahen, founder of Wet Sounds, one of the companies in 2016. behind this new advance, and that already at that time promised to extend this experience in the future to hotel chains.

The hotel in Ibizia already reopened its doors last week, while the one in Mallorca will be able to do so from Thursday. In turn, the US Green Building Council has awarded both buildings with the LEED seal, which recognizes them as sustainable, within the framework of the search to reduce pollution to fight global warming. Thus, the MIM Ibiza entered the Gold category, while the Mallorca one was in the Silver.

The latter underwent a façade renovation and also now has a luxurious spa overlooking the ocean, for greater relaxation for its residents, who will not only be able to enjoy a massage session, but also a unique view.

How much does it cost to stay at Lionel Messi's hotel?

Messi bought the Ibiza hotel in 2018. The complex that was called Es Vivé is located meters from the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. It has 52 rooms that are between 225 (227) and 526 euros (647 dollars) per night.

The most expensive is the presidential suite. In addition, it has modern decoration, a spa and a gym, among other amenities. In 2020 he acquired the Fona Mallorca, located in the town of S’Illot and 50 meters from Sa Coma beach. It has 98 rooms, a spa, a gym, two swimming pools and a bar-restaurant serving Mediterranean food with sea views.

Last year, the hotel chain owned by La Pulga was also in the news after it decided to expand its range of possibilities by acquiring one of the most exclusive hotels in Spain: the Himalaia Baqueira, located in the heart of the Baqueira Beret ski resort, in Lleida. . This accommodation is located at the foot of the ski slope, next to a cable car, in the heart of the Ruda Valley, in the Lerida Pyrenees.

In total, Messi's hotel chain is made up of four hotels, added to one located in Sitges, Barcelona, which cost him close to USD 30 million in 2017.

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