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Messi: how much money Barcelona owes him and until when does he have a contract

After the contract of the Argentinian was leaked, it was revealed the truth debt from Barça.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

A scandal exploded in the soccer world, after the contract of Lionel Messi was leaked by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo this week. As it was published, the Argentinian legend was paid more than $555 million euros during the last four years and, according to that media, he was the responsible for the bad financial situation of the club.

But now it was revealed the true debt that Barcelona has with the attacker. Messi was supposed to earn $75 million before the end of January, according to what appeared in his contract, for the loyalty and the time spent at the Catalan side. Due to the economic crisis, that amount of money was not paid.

Now Barcelona has not only made his great star mad after leaking his contract, but also debts him a fortune that will have to pay him soon. Despite he is in fact the best paid player of the world, Messi has been helping Barcelona gaining fortunes during the last years and many of the endorsements signed by the club were possible thanks to him.

After such a situation, Messi is really thinking on leaving now. He already tried to do so six months ago, when Josep María Bartomeu denied him that possibility. With his contract expiring in less than six months, the idol has the option to negotiate and leave as a free agent, being Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City the ones with more possibilities to sign him.

22 years later

Messi arrived to Barcelona when he was just a 13 years old boy. He left Rosario since very young and joined La Masia, where he met some great friends and players, as Andrés Iniesta or Gerard Piqué, between many others. But after more than 20 years, he is set to leave and the mistreatment suffered nowadays is pushing him out.

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