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Who is Maja Nilsson, Victor Lindelof's wife?

The Manchester United soccer player has gone through some difficult times but with the help of his partner he has come through, but who is she?

Around June 2017 in a post she made on her Instagram account, Maja made known her engagement to Victor Lindelof during her vacation in the Maldives. 
Around June 2017 in a post she made on her Instagram account, Maja made known her engagement to Victor Lindelof during her vacation in the Maldives. 

The soccer player is one of Manchester United's best-known faces but little is known about his partner. Who is Maja Nilsson, Victor Lindelof's wife? Here you can find the answer to that question

And the couple has just returned to the spotlight because they have just suffered a robbery at their home, in which fortunately no one was hurt. 

The robbery occurred when the player was out of his house, so it was his partner Maja Nilsson who had to live such a terrible experience and therefore, has earned the spotlight

Who is Maja Nilsson?

Maja Nilsson is an Instagram model, activist, podcaster, and blogger who is recognized for talking and posting about different lifestyle-focused topics

She also has a blog called, a site where she is dedicated to reporting on lifestyle topics, but focused on her relationship with footballer Victor Lindelof. 

The blogger has stood out precisely because much of its content has been oriented to talk about how life as a couple is when a person is married to an athlete who plays in the Premier League, one of the most-watched sports competitions in the world. 

When was Maja Nilsson born?

The blogger was born on December 21, 1993, in Västerås, Sweden, and is currently 28 years old. Her leap to fame as a blogger was in January 2012, when she started sharing images on her Instagram account. 

Since then, she has created a blog to expand her lifestyle material. Her blog was followed by a podcast in which she talked about more personal events and situations.

What does Maja Nilsson do for a living?

The content creator is mainly active on Instagram where she describes what it's like to be married to a soccer player and at the same time have a career as an influencer

One of the most important characteristics of the blogger is her frankness, therefore she also attracted the attention of sports journalists who are always on the lookout for information about the Manchester United defender. 

The influencer knew how to take advantage of this and made the podcast Life in the stands together with Sanna Dahlström, who is married to footballer John Guidetti.

This way this combo could present us a much more intimate side about the life of soccer players, what they think and feel on and off the pitch.

Nilsson and Dahlström had already become friends through their respective spouses and talked several times a day, so they thought their rambling talk of ups and downs should be perfect for a podcast.

It began filming in 2017 but ended abruptly after 77 episodes in early 2019, which generated speculation, but this didn't stop her as she later launched a spring and fall collection in collaboration with clothing company Gina Tricot in 2020

Maja Nilsson has also been an activist

The content creator became a UNICEF ambassador in 2020 and leveraged her fame so that together with her followers, she raised SEK 1.4 million in 2019, and SEK 3.6 million in 2020 for Musikhjälpen fundraising each year. Both were records for fundraisers.

Therefore, Maja Nilsson is one of those few celebrities who has taken advantage of her fame to seek to make a change in the world and above all, a change in the world of children, a subject that interests her since she has two children with her husband. 

Another of the highlights of her activism has been when she was part of the #FreeTheNipple movement, which sought to talk about the inequality between men and women since men can appear on Instagram without clothes covering their torso, but women cannot. 

The activist also uploaded on November 7, 2020, a photo of herself with a white blouse without a bra, joining the movement to seek a change in Instagram's policies on women's bodies. 

How are Maja Nilsson and Victor Lindelof's life as a couple?

While it is not known for sure how the two met, she has been with him since his time at Benfica, so it can be assumed that the two have known each other since that time and everything seems to be perfect between them.

At that time Nilsson was working as a professional marketer and was also writing for Mujer, a Swedish blog where she has written a guide about Lisbon, Portugal.

Around June 2017 in a post she made on her Instagram account, Maja made known her engagement to Victor Lindelof during her vacation in the Maldives. 

They later got married and currently live a dream life as a couple, together with their two children, while Maja shares all the details of her life with the footballer through funny posts on Instagram

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