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Why does Carlos Vela not play for the mexican team

Are you wondering why Carlos Vela does not play for the Mexican team? Read this article and find out!

Carlos Vela in the Mexican national team.
Carlos Vela in the Mexican national team.

Mexico has given the football world such great players among which we find, for example, Carlos Vela. The international versatile football player was born in 1989 and started his career when catching the attention of the Mexican team, ‘Guadalajara’ who signed him.

When he was a child, Carlos Vela showed interest not only in soccer but in basketball too. His school teacher noticed his talent, as did his father, a former semi-professional football player. His father was the one who signed him in several teams, until 'Guadalajara' offered Vela a contract in 2003.

Carlos Vela at Los Ángeles Galaxy.

A peak into Carlos Vela’s international career 

Carlos Vela has played for many international clubs. After leaving the Mexican team 'Guadalajara' he went to play for the English 'Arsenal'. 

As he still didn't have the work permit when moving to England, he was loaned to the Spanish B-team 'Salamanca' where he showed all his talent and was then loaned to the 'Osasuna', where he also had a very good performance.

After a while, Vela started disputing matches with the 'Arsenal' and had very good several seasons with them. His European career ended in the Spanish team 'Real Sociedad', where he was officially transferred in 2012 after he performed magnificently while being on loan. 

At that moment, Vela said: "I don't want to return to Arsenal. I have asked my agent to negotiate with Arsenal to stay here".

He was given the number 11 on the shirt, and scored 14 goals during the 2012/13 season. He kept demonstrating his ability to assist and score in the Sociedad until 2018, when he signed a contract with the USA's Major League Soccer Team, 'Los Angeles FC'. He’s been playing there since and he’s also the team’s captain.

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Carlos Vela in the Mexican national team.

The Mexican National Team 

Also referred to as 'El Tri', Mexico's National Football Team has qualified to sixteen World Cups and has never missed one since 1994. It's also the most successful national team in the CONCACAF region with 11 confederation titles. Since January 2019, its head coach is the Argentine former-professional football player Gerardo "Tata" Martino. 

Carlos Vela hasn't been part of Mexico's squad for three years now. In fact, Mexico's team is heading to the Gold Cup 2021 but Vela won't be part of it.

When Tata Martino became head coach in 2019, he tried to talk Carlos Vela into the team again but he wasn’t committed to do so. At that time, he said it was because he was focused both on his team, LAFC, and in spending time with his family. It doesn't look as if the Mexican player has changed his mind yet. 

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