Bye LAFC, the unexpected club that could sign Carlos Vela in 2024

The club that could sign Carlos Vela in 2024

By Hector Garcia

The club that could sign Carlos Vela in 2024
The club that could sign Carlos Vela in 2024
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Carlos Vela is one of the names that could give more people to talk about in the January transfer market. The Mexican player is close to ending his contract with LAFC, and everything indicates that he would not renew. Now, it is revealed what a club could offer him to sign him once and for all and deliver one of the big surprises of 2024.


Cruz Azul has started the week with an unexpected role, and after the frustrated attempts with Alexis Vega, the spotlight is now focused on Carlos Vela. After a quick and clear exchange with Vega's entourage, Cruz Azul was about to close the transfer, but the player's decision stopped the negotiations and generated discomfort in the institution.

The annoyance at Cruz Azul is palpable in the ways in which the situation was handled with Alexis Vega, who initially looked for a space in the club, but finally decided to decline the offer. Given this scenario, Cruz Azul is about to discard the possibility of signing Vega and, instead, is redirecting its efforts towards a new star option: Carlos Vela.


Carlos Vela could return to LAFC

According to reports from MedioTiempo, Martín Anselmi, Cruz Azul's technical director, plans to approach Carlos Vela to explore the possibility of joining the team this winter. Vela, currently a free agent, is enjoying a family vacation in Europe, but he is expected to begin searching for a new team in January. The Cruz Azul board is willing to offer a salary that is between 2 million and 6 million dollars annually, marking a milestone in the club's salary history.

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