André-Pierre Gignac's wife: who is Deborah and the best pictures with the Tigres UANL star

The French striker's wife keeps a low profile.  

Gignac's wife has been key to the Frenchman's success.
Gignac's wife has been key to the Frenchman's success.

André-Pierre Gignac is Tigres' star player. Since he joined the team, he has left a mark with his goals and titles won. He is one of the players who most attracts fans due to his quality and personality.

The player joined the feline squad in 2015 and became the club's top scorer ahead of Tomás Boy. 

All this has been thanks to the support of his wife, Deborah Gignac, who has been by his side for a long time and has given him the greatest joy that any father can have: children.

Who is Deborah Gignac?

Deborah Gignac is the name of the wife of UANL Tigers forward André Pierre Gignac, with whom he has three children, Grace, Eden and Mavy. Deborah is the second wife of the Tigres player, who was married until 2010 to Stéphanie Le Menarch, with whom he also had two children.

Since her arrival to Monterrey, Deborah has kept a low profile, at least in the world of social media, where she rarely appears in the photographs that André posts on his private account.

"Deborah is a warrior, I'm lucky," Gignac said in an interview in which she remembered the rush of moving to Mexico when she was 7 months pregnant.

Despite this, Deborah is known for carrying out several charity tasks in which "El Bomboro" has supported her from his role as a player, using contacts to carry out some soccer fundraising auctions to support those most in need. 

There were infidelity rumors from André-Pierre Gignac

In July 2021, rumors spread about André-Pierre Gignac's infidelity towards his wife Deborah, for which the soccer player answered. Apparently, the Frenchman cheated on his wife with his son's teacher, according to reports on social networks.

A rumor emerged on Twitter that the Frenchman's poor form was due to marital problems. His low level of play was linked to the fact that the player was unfaithful to his wife and mother of his children, with one of the teachers.

The situation immediately went viral on social networks, where Internet users mocked the situation. From memes to comments were unleashed on the platform, even stating that the divorce was evident.

Gignac responds to infidelity rumors

However, his followers did not expect the Frenchman to reply via his social networks. During a video, the Tigres player asks his son if his teacher "is pretty" to which the child answers yes.

Afterwards, Gignac turns the camera on his wife and asks her what she thinks about the situation. Deborah simply laughs at the comment, thus dismissing the rumors that have been spreading about their marriage in recent hours.


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