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Zlatan Ibrahimovic added a new scandal in his fight with Romelu Lukaku

Details of what happened in the fight that took place in the classic between Inter-Milan were known
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They cannot even be seen and every time they have the opportunity they make it very clear. In the Italian classic between Inter and Milan, the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Belgian Romelu Lukaku starred in a very tense crossing that was very close to ending with fist blows. As a result of this action, the Inter player saw his second yellow card and consequently the red card. And several days after this event, it was known that Lukaku didn't accept to appear at the San Remo musical festival in order to meet Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic added a new scandal in his fight with Romelu Lukaku. Photo: As.

Amadus, Inter fan and artistic director of the festival that took place last week, tried to befriend Lukaku with the Swede by inviting him to the event in which Ibrahimovic was part of the driving force for five days, but the Belgian striker, the Argentine's partner Lautaro Martínez refused, said the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport in its edition this Saturday.

They couldn't get Ibrahimovic and Lukaku together in San Remo

The idea was to have them together on stage and end the bad relationship between the two, with Eurovision television in order to significantly raise the rating. However, Lukaku responded to the Invitation with a resounding "There's only Inter, so no thank". At the insistence of Amadus that he thought of making a Milan-San Remo connection, the Belgian again refused.

On his part, Ibrahimovic said when asked about a likely meeting: "There're no personal problems, what happens on the field stays on the field. If Lukaku wants to come, he is welcome". This was a clear demonstration that for the notable Swedish striker the issue is over or is on the way.

This was the tense cross between Ibrahimovic and Lukaku in the Inter-Milan classic

In the altercation in the classic Zlatan snapped at the Belgian "do your shit, call your mom" and Lukaku replied "let's fight inside". Later, the Belgian striker went to look for him when they were going to the dressing room, took him out and shouted "I'm going to make love to you and your wife". my mother ?? fils de pute (insult in French)".

The fight between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku


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