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Was Zlatan Ibrahimovic the best player in MLS history after his time with the L.A. Galaxy?

The question became popular on social networks and the internet after the Swedish soccer player's controversial statements.

Was Zlatan Ibrahimovic the best player in MLS history?
Was Zlatan Ibrahimovic the best player in MLS history?

After spending time with the L.A. Galaxy Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the best player in MLS history? The question has gained momentum due to statements made by the Swedish player.

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On this day some statements made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic to ESPN went viral, stating that he is the "best player in the history of MLS". 

And while Zlatan has never been known for being humble, these words have resonated with all Major League Soccer fans, both those who agree with him and those who consider his words to be an exaggeration. 

What did Zlatan Ibrahimovic say about being the best player in MLS history?

In the interview with ESPN, the Swede was describing how important it was for his career to have made it to Major League Soccer, as this step came after a disastrous stint at Manchester United

During his time with the Red Devils, Ibra suffered a serious injury that greatly limited his performance at the English club, so his next step was to reach MLS, but when talking about how much he enjoyed playing in this league, Zlatan said that he was the best player in the history of this league.

"I am very happy. I'm very grateful to MLS because they gave me the opportunity to feel alive. But the problem was that I was still too alive. So I was too good for all the competition. That's what I showed. I'm the best that ever played in MLS and that's not from having an ego or trying to brag now. That's true."

Ibra detailed how MLS helped him get back to his best after his injury, and he was also grateful to the league, as he was able to show that he still had a good level left in him to keep playing games. 

"And I think (playing in MLS) was the best way to come back after my injury. I was in the best condition of my life. And I'm very proud that I played for MLS because I was told that the stadiums are empty when you play in MLS. There were no empty stadiums when I played. There was even overbooking, so I can't complain and I'm very happy to have been there." 

Was Zlatan Ibrahimovic the best player in MLS history?

Without a doubt, Zlatan marked a before and after in MLS, because although he was already 36 years old when he came to play for the LA Galaxy, his abilities showed the level he had. 

And in Major League Soccer he finished filling his showcase of recognitions since, in this league, Ibra obtained recognitions such as LA Galaxy Player of the Year, was selected for the MLS All-Star, was part of the MLS Team of the Year, won the MLS Revelation of the Year award and scored the MLS Goal of the Year in 2018.

He also took home the ESPY Awards for MLS Player of the Year, among all his accolades. However, there are two things that the player did not get, and those are the Supporter's Shield and of course, the MLS Cup.

And even though he was only from 2018 to 2019 with the Galaxy, he scored 53 goals in 58 games. So it could therefore be put up for debate whether or not Zlatan is the best player in MLS history.

But what cannot be doubted is that he is at least one of the best players in Major League Soccer history, and to this day, he is still missed in the league.  

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