The companies that could make the arrival of Cristiano to Miami possible, Apple might be one

Cristiano Ronaldo could be convinced by certain companies to bring him at Miami with Messi.

Apple could potentially bring together Ronaldo and Messi at Inter Miami.

Big companies that persuaded Lionel Messi to join Inter Miami last summer were Apple and Adidas. In 2022, Apple signed a 10-year, $2.5 billion deal for MLS broadcast rights. As part of his deal with Apple, Messi receives a revenue share from new MLS Season Pass subscribers, which is hosted on Apple TV. His arrival in Miami had an immediate impact since there were more than 110,000 MLS Season Pass signups on the day of Messi’s Miami debut.

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Messi signed a lifetime contract with Adidas in 2017 and has been partnered with the company since 2006. Adidas has exclusively supplied kits for all MLS teams since 1996. Messi played with Nike-sponsored kits throughout his career in FC Barcelona and PSG, so this was the first time, other than the Argentina national team, to consistently wear an Adidas-sponsored kit. It will be interesting to find out which companies could convince Ronaldo to come to David Beckham's Inter Miami.

It is known that Messi and Adidas have been partners for a long time, and they continue to stay strong. While Adidas was expected to help complete the deal between Messi and Inter Miami, Apple was a surprise that many did not expect. The MLS and Adidas are big partners, and all MLS teams wear Adidas-sponsored shirts. All the MLS games are watchable on Apple TV in the special MLS Season Pass, where fans need to purchase a subscription to watch games monthly or throughout the entire season, including playoffs later in the year. Cristiano Ronaldo could also be convinced to join Inter Miami with other companies.

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Apple and a special perk could convince Ronaldo to join Inter Miami with Messi

Ronaldo could also have a deal with Apple, who may be interested in agreeing on a deal with the Portuguese star. A perk that may convince Ronaldo to join Inter Miami is having a future ownership stake in an MLS club upon his retirement. It is reported that this is in Messi's contract with Inter Miami, and it seems like a smart investment.

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