The probable earnings Cristiano and Messi could generate combined in jersey sales in Miami

The Inter Miami shirts sales would boom if Ronaldo joins this summer with Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's moment when they revealed their jerseys last year.

Messi's arrival at Inter Miami almost made the MLS and the club $50 million in the first few days based on requested shirts. Sports Business Journal and the New York Times reported that within a couple of days of Messi's announcement to join Inter Miami last summer, Adidas received "almost 500,000 requests from stores and suppliers for jerseys in Miami's soft, electric pink."

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Inter Miami is now the "best-selling Adidas soccer jersey in North America," ahead of European giants like Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. The shirt sales in one week made $8 million and with each year having a new shirt, the number could continue to remain the same.

Marca reports that Ronaldo's shirt sales when he first announced joining Al Nassr also caused crazy shirt sale numbers. The Spanish newspaper reported that almost 400 shirts were sold in one day in stores, with many requests to have the number 7 and Ronaldo's name. Each shirt was worth over $100, so it rounded out to be $40,000 every day for the first week, reaching up to $280,000.

Ronaldo joined Al Nassr from the Saudi Pro League at the start of 2023, and Messi joined Inter Miami from the MLS last summer. Their moves unsurprisingly caused interest from football fans, and the shirt sales for these two teams with the players' names on them skyrocketed. If Ronaldo were to join Messi's Inter Miami, the revenue generated from shirt sales could break records unheard of.

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Ronaldo and Messi's shirt sales combined could surpass $10 million in one week

Messi's shirt sales earned nearly $8 million in one week, and Ronaldo's shirt sales reached almost $1 million in Saudi Arabia and Europe. The number could be higher if the Portuguese joined Miami. The earnings for shirt sales with both Messi and Ronaldo together could easily surpass the $10 million mark since the United States is a bigger market.

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