If Cristiano arrives to Miami with Messi, Beckham must invest in something nobody expected

Cristiano Ronaldo's potential arrival to Inter Miami may make David Beckham spend more money than expected.

David Beckham thinks of a big investment if Ronaldo joins Inter Miami with Messi.

Inter Miami's Chase Stadium currently has a capacity of 21,550 seats as Lionel Messi players are there almost every week in the MLS. The original capacity was 19,100 seats, but more seats have become available this new season for more fans. Inter Miami wrote on its website about the increased capacity, which reads, "Among the changes that were made to expand the space were the southwest corner and increased capacity in the northeast and southeast corners." Soon, Inter Miami will open their new Miami Freedom Park stadium, which will have a bigger capacity, but if David Beckham wants to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo, the capacity will need to increase.

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Inter Miami described the project with the new stadium that could be ready by next year. Inter Miami's website wrote a statement that said, "Miami Freedom Park will become a recreation destination that all Miamians can enjoy, providing 58 acres of public parks and green space, a tech hub, restaurants and shops, soccer fields for the community, a 25,000 stadium for Inter Miami, and many more features." It cost Inter Miami $350 million to build the stadium alone, but the project itself is worth $1 billion. The whole project will be a 100% privately funded project, and it will be the largest park in the city.

The current stadium, the Chase Stadium, has already been a success with hosting friendlies like Italy vs Venezuela and hosting a few CONCACAF Gold Cup games last year. With the new stadium arriving next year, the Chase Stadium could be used for fewer games. And with the potential arrival of Ronaldo, the Chase Stadium may not be used as a priority stadium for Inter Miami going forward.

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Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival could lead to a bigger capacity for the Freedom Park stadium

If Ronaldo were to arrive in Miami this summer to play with Messi, the new stadium may delay opening to increase its capacity. The new stadium will have 25,000 seats, but with Ronaldo potentially arriving, it would be assumed that the club may want a stadium close to a 30,000-plus capacity. This is because the demand for tickets in the Chase Stadium has already been high, and the club has already added a couple of seats to increase the capacity to see Messi. If both Messi and Ronaldo played together, more fans would want to attend.

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