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This season's most expensive signings in MLS 2022

Several clubs are armed to the teeth to conquer the MLS Cup.

These are the most expensive signings in MLS 2022.
These are the most expensive signings in MLS 2022.

MLS 2022 is about to begin and teams have been looking to strengthen to win the MLS Cup, so it is worth knowing the most expensive signings of Major League Soccer 2022

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While in the past, players who were at the end of their soccer careers used to come to this league, nowadays, players who are in the prime of their careers are coming to the league.

This is the reason for the high cost of their signings, and the most expensive ones are listed here. 

Lorenzo Insigne

The Napoli striker is the most expensive signing in MLS 2022 as Toronto FC had to pay $12 million for him, and had to add $4.5 million in bonuses. 

Therefore, $16.5 million was paid for him, barely surpassing the young Thiago Almada; but the arrival of the Italian player to MLS means much more than the cost of his transfer. 

His arrival opens the door for more players who are at the peak of their powers to stop seeing the league as one for retirees and decide to come to it as a challenge.  

Thiago Almada

The transfer of this player to Atlanta United cost US$16 million, a considerable figure for new talent. 

The young 20-year-old attacking midfielder arrives at Major League Soccer following the example of other players from his country such as Valentín Mariano Castellanos or Gonzalo Higuiaín. 

Xherdan Shaqiri

The "Messi of the Alps" has just arrived in MLS and the cost of his transfer was $7.5 million, making him one of the league's most expensive signings in 2022, but it is also an arrival that fills the club's fans with enthusiasm. 

This is because the player has won the Champions League twice and will bring all his experience to the tournament. 

Alan Velasco

The jewel that emerged from Independiente of Argentina arrives at FC Dallas for US$7 million, making him the most expensive signing in the history of the Texan Club. 

The 19-year old Argentine winger has just entered the club's transfer elite and will land in Major League Soccer to prove that the recent wave of Argentines migrating to MLS has only just begun. 

With these additions, MLS seeks not only the generational replacement of the league's followers, especially in the incorporation of new talents such as Almada and Velasco.

The league is looking for the world to see it not as a retirement league where the great players come to retire, but as a challenge for young values to come to prove themselves.

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