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They don't like their actions! The LA Galaxy player who hates Chicharito Hernández

This player criticizes the actions of Javier Hernández

Chicharito Hernández
Chicharito Hernández

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Javier Hernández has had diva actions that the fans and the Mexican press have not liked, in addition to the fact that the Mexican striker does not being at all in a good moment in the MLS, he only has seven goals in the season.

“Chicharito” Hernández is a person who has changed a lot since he met Diego Dreyfus, a mental coach, in addition to the fact that he has had difficult times off the courts, where he has a divorce and cannot see his children. This has caused that in recent years the Mexican soccer player has a strange behavior.

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Javier Hernández does many activities outside of soccer, he has become a video game specialist, he loves broadcasting on Twitch and this causes him to later get distracted and not be able to perform at his best with Los Angeles Galaxy. That is why his teammate, the Irishman Derrick Williams, has criticized "Chicharito".

Derrick Williams criticized the actions of Javier Hernández

“Some people just have their own agendas. It's frustrating and we can't go on like this because it's not good enough and we're sick of losing. It's just not good enough." Williams said.

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